Getting on Top of Social Media

Activate - the agency

Mastering social media - Facebook (think like a creative agency) – Twitter (got to move with comment links) – Instagram (time to get personal) – Pinterest – (get down shoppers) are pretty much the themes of these concerns. Every platform is kind of like having a different meeting room. Some people want to use the same message on each site. Actually that is not fully exploiting the tools you have. By learning to tell stories on each platform and choosing what visuals & copy to use will enhance the probability of a certain point of view or product to go viral.


To be successful on this site you must start with image. It must be an original piece. Think print & magazine advertising. By branding yourself you make it known who you are and what you stand for. Make the copy short. Give links to prove your point of view. Include important information people will have a feeling for; try to touch home; hit a home run! If you’re pushing a product have the right hook. Have your product or service rated or reviewed. Give a one-time only price for Facebook friends. The important thing is to get their repeat business. Make your item easy to buy and show a need for it in the future. Have a call to action like click here to buy now. Don’t be afraid to go in for the sale. Follow this pattern and your probability for being successful on this social site improves dramatically.


Use a # (hashtag) when you are using a trending topic. A particular event everyone is talking about is a good item to write about. You may get engagement from people who were not following you before. Make your tweet a question because it makes a recipients brain think of the answer. When people search for this event your comment or link will come up. Hundreds of people might click that hash tag around the world. That might give you some traction you might not have had.

If you can get someone to stop and think you now have them in your sphere of influence. My advice is to pick trendy topics. You can find out what is trending by downloading into your toolbar. It is a running banner that gives trending stories all day.

Use line breaks in your tweet. This allows you to take up a larger portion of the phone screen and attract more attention.


The use of Instagram is about the use of images. What are you looking at? Where are you? What are you doing now? It is all about simple camera shots from your iphone. It’s companion to the platform for Instagram. You can include information or text about what the photo is all about. The only thing clickable in the Instagram is your bio. If you have links then put them in your bio. Acting human on Instagram is a winner if it’s personal; it’s for those real life up to the moment times.

You could use it for advertising, branding, points of interest that just happened, vacation shots, etc. The options are endless.


This social site is all about your aspirations or put simply what you want to accomplish or utilize in your life. You should have in your info-graphics long text telling everything you could possibly know about your product or service.

People are shopping here so the more informative text you include the more it will help in their decision making. Plus longer pictures of your product gives you bigger dimensions on the site thus more exposure to what you are telling and selling.

You then can become a social media maven with a lot to say. The more creative you are the more likely it will be you can be acceptable on these sites. In the long run it will mean more profit in your pocket. Good luck in creating your own brand just remember to make it real.

By Activate the agency